Tips On Creating The Best Ecommerce Fashion Photography Shoot Possible

19 May 2023
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You may have an eCommerce store that sells fashions that you have created, or perhaps you are selling designers you have contracted with. You are competing with large and mid-size brick-and-mortar stores which can make it difficult to stand out. 

One way you can advertise your business and help to promote your designer's clothes is to create an interesting and attention-grabbing eCommerce fashion photography photo shoot for your website. If you are a beginner to photo shoots geared toward eCommerce, here are some tips to help you create the best one you can.

Create Photographs That Align With Your Company's Brand

Your first step in creating a great eCommerce fashion photography shoot is to work with your photographer to design your pictures so that they align with your company's brand.

While it stands to reason that you want to make the clothing you sell look great in the pictures, you also need to think about what your company's image is. Do you offer clothing for entire families including the older generations down to the youngest members? Are you strictly geared to the teenage set?

What style of products do you sell? Are you more trendy or do you offer more classic lines? When your customers think of you what would they say? When you are designing your photo shoot, take into consideration your company's overall brand and let that guide you.

Live Models, Mannequins, Or Clothing Alone Shots

Your next choice when creating your eCommerce fashion photography shoot is, how you want your clothing to be displayed on your site.

Do you prefer to only take shots of the clothes against a white background? Would you prefer the clothes be placed on a mannequin so the customer can see how the outfits look but are not focused on the model? Or, would you like a live model to showcase the clothes?

Depending on how you want your overall website to look, choose how your clothes will be showcased by following how you present your brand to the public, meaning fun and engaging or classy and sophisticated.

In many cases, customers want to see how the outfits fit on a model to see if they would like it for themselves. You can do your research to see how similar websites do their photography or ask your customers what they would like to see.

Keep The Images Clean And Simple

It might be tempting to create an eCommerce fashion photography product page that is exciting with lots of people in the same picture to showcase what you are selling. This could be a mistake.

It's fine to have pictures of families or friends gathering together on the landing or main pages, but on the actual product page where you are selling the items, these pictures should remain clean and simple with only the item you are selling showcased.

It's ok to attract attention on your landing page, but make sure each item has its own pictures to really showcase the product.