3 Unique Tips For Taking The Perfect Outdoor Engagement Photograph

29 May 2015
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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. What better way to showcase that event than with the perfect engagement photograph? If you're looking for ways to get professional, outdoor photos taken that are unique and will stand out from all of the other engagement pictures that your friends have gathered through the years, here are three tips for making the most out of your photo shoot:

Use Color to Your Advantage

If you and your fiance love nature, use the colors of nature as a backdrop to showcase the love you share. If the sky is a bright blue, for example, wear light-colored clothing and ask the photographer to take a tall-angled shot that highlights the sky. Against a green backdrop like grass and trees, request a shot that lets in filtered sunlight and wear warm tones like reds and oranges to bring out the colors of the light.

One unique idea involving color is to take pictures in front of a building such as a skyscraper, bridge, or old house. The natural colors of marble, wood, and concrete remind us of stability and solidarity, creating the perfect backdrop for two people in love. Wear bright colors to offset the background.

Don't Neglect Action Shots

Action shots are sometimes more memorable than static shots, especially when taken in the perfect location. Go to your favorite museum, downtown cafe, busy park, or carnival and hold the shoot there. Ask your photographer to take a wide-angled shot that captures the two of you doing something you enjoy. Keep it fairly simple for best results. At the carnival, for instance, enjoy cotton candy together or play a carnival game while asking your photographer to capture images. Choose that ones that make you both laugh.

Take Advantage of Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and dawn are often the two best times of day to capture the perfect outdoor image. During both times of day, you can capture filtered sunlight and that unique glow that only happens when the sun isn't fully exposed. Use the sunlight to capture facial expressions and their surrounding shadows. Ask the photographer to take a close-up shot of the two of you holding hands beneath the blaze of an evening sunset, for example, or capture the enraptured look you share while gazing out at a sunrise on a porch.

Don't be afraid to ask your engagement and wedding photographer to take as many shots as possible in order to find the perfect image. Oftentimes the picture you least expect to be your favorite will stand out from the bunch and capture the right essence. You'll know the perfect picture when you see it.