Five Senior Portrait Posing Ideas To Consider

10 June 2015
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Your senior portraits will be displayed in the yearbook, distributed to friends, mailed to relatives, and kept for years as a memento of this special time in your life. It's worth it to have a little fun with your poses and work with your photographer to create pictures that really express your personality and interests. Here are a few fun posing ideas to get you started.

Playing in a field.

Do you love the outdoors? If you're a hiker, tree-hugger, or outdoor adventurer of any sort, a picture of you frolicking in an open field will look whimsical. Make sure you get both a panned-out view that captures your whole body and some of the field, and a close-up that shows the joy on your face in this environment.

Letting go of balloons.

Letting go of balloons is symbolic for setting your soul free and moving on to the next stage of life. Grab a handful of balloons in your school colors, and have your photographer capture you as you let go of the strings and let them float away into the sky.

Picking flowers.

Flowers represent renewal and new beginnings, which is certainly relevant during graduation. Have yourself photographed picking a few flowers from a garden bed or pots in your parents' yard. You can also pose smelling a flower, or scattering wildflowers behind you as you walk through a field. Bonus points if you can find flowers in your school colors!

Cuddling a beloved pet.

Sadly, your pet won't be around forever. This could be a good opportunity to capture an image of your bond with this beloved friend. A picture of you holding your favorite cat, giving Eskimo kisses to your dog, or stroking the neck of your horse shows your more sensitive, caring side that your friends at school may not always get the chance to see.

Participating in your favorite sport.

Perhaps you really shined as an athlete in high school. An action image of you tossing that football, kicking a soccer ball, or swinging your softball bat will capture these glory days so they never fade away. A picture of you wearing your Letterman's jacket is classic, but action shots are a little more meaningful since they'll show the true joy on your face as you participate in your sport.

Don't just sit still and smile in your senior pictures. With these posing ideas in your back pocket, you're on your way to creating a photo that will be truly memorable.

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