Adding Fine Art Photography To Your Walls: Styles To Choose From

17 December 2015
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Fine art photography is a growing style that showcases real images in an appealing or intriguing way. If you love photography and want to include images in your home, there are many different styles you can choose from. If you can't decide just what you want, use this guide to help you choose a fine art photography style that will work best in your home based on your home's current decor.


Modern fine art photography often has an eclectic appeal to it that makes a person wonder just what the image is trying to express. Modern photography looks grand in a home that has many contemporary touches, such as black granite countertops or glass staircase railings. If this makes you think of your own home, consider modern art in the following styles:

  • Black-and-white nature photography
  • Macro photography images of plants
  • Photography of architectural designs
  • Photographs of fine fashion pieces


If your home is more rustic in style, such as a cottage or cabin, then you want to include fine art photography that is focused on the simple beauty of nature. Fine art in sepia hues that showcase snow-covered trees, closeups of deer, an owl in flight, a beautiful sunset over the mountains, or even an image of an old wooden fence can add a charming and classic appeal to your rustic home. Consider having these types of photographs framed in reclaimed barn wood to give them even greater decorative appeal in your home.


If your home has a streamlined look with large bay windows, solid-patterned furniture, and chic colorful rugs and painted walls, then you want your fine art photographs to reflect the same aesthetic. The best photographs for your home will feature a single object or person in the frame to complement your no-frills, sleek home decor. Consider fine art photographs of your favorite objects, be it a classic car, an old church building, a classic pearl necklace, or a favorite animal. Opt for black-and-white photos to maintain your home's chic appearance.

Fine art photography can add a sense of allure to your home and is a unique art form that can give your living space great personality. You want to make sure you choose photographs that will complement your home's current style best. Whether you choose nature photographs for your rustic home or classic black-and-white photos for your contemporary, modern home, you can give your home greater personality and find enjoyment in beautiful fine art photographs.

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