Fun Ways to Display Your Vacation Souvenirs

31 August 2016
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People often collect an array of souvenirs from their vacations. Everything from photos and postcards to grains of beach sand and ticket stubs from your favorite attractions can be saved as a reminder of the wonderful time you had. But, what do you do with the items you've collected when you get home? Don't shove your precious souvenirs in a box. Display them proudly in your house as a constant reminder of your travels.

Travel Gallery Wall

Taking photos while you're on vacation is a great way to preserve your vacation memories without spending a lot of money, and it's easy to transform the photos that you've taken into a travel gallery wall when you get home. In addition to photos that you've taken, you can use postcards, art prints, or any professional photos you've had taken during your trip — such as an old-time photo or pictures taken by amusement park employees — to create your travel-themed gallery wall.

  1. Choose one or two photos, postcards, and art prints from each trip you've taken.
  2. Gather an array of photo frame in different styles, sizes, and colors.
  3. Place each photo in a frame.
  4. Arrange the framed photos on your floor, moving the frames around until you have created a placement that appeals to you.
  5. Hang the framed photos on your wall in the order that you had them arranged.

Remember, to think creatively when you're organizing your travel gallery wall. For example, you can include a shadow box to hold ticket stubs or plane tickets or showcase special photos — such as a photo you had taken at an old-time photo shoot or a photo commemorating a special evening — by sitting the frames on picture ledges instead of hanging them directly on the wall.

Memory Jars

The great thing about using a clear jar to store your vacation souvenirs is that a jar can hold items such as an important picture or seashells you've collected. Ideally, you want to fill the space in your jar with small items that you've collected on your trip. Then, you can display the jars around your home or use all of the memory jars you've created to make one large display.

To make a memory jar to commemorate your trip, you'll need a wide-mouthed clear jar with a lid and the items that you want to display. Then, you'll simply arrange your souvenirs in your jar so that they are all visible. For example, during a vacation to Gatlinburg, collect small rocks or flowers during a hike through the Smoky Mountains, save tickets stubs from your favorite attractions, and have your photo taken at one of the old-time photo studios. Then, place a copy of your old-time photo against the back of your jar and surround it with the other small items you've collected. Everything from candy bar wrappers and napkins to small figurines and seashells can fit into a memory jar, so be creative.

Vacation Box

If you want your souvenirs accessible, but you don't want to create a big display, you can create a vacation box for every trip you take. Don't store the items you've collected in a boring cardboard box though. For each trip, find a special box that you can use for souvenir storage. For example, consider purchasing an unfinished wooden box, painting it, and stenciling the name of the destination on the box. Then, fill the box that you've designed with your trip souvenirs and display the box on a shelf in your home. This way, your memories are tucked away but still easily accessible.

You don't need to purchase expensive souvenirs to remember the trips you've taken. Simply collect small, inexpensive items along the way and take a lot of pictures to preserve your most cherished memories. You can always do something fun during your trip and incorporate it into your souvenir display.