3 Tips To Guarantee Success On Your Teen's Graduation Picture Day

20 May 2017
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Your teen's senior portraits can be more than just a few awkward poses. The portraits are representative of his or her achievement, so it is important that they are just as epic as your teen's senior year has been. To get the best result from the portrait session, here are a few tips your teen can use.  

Meet With the Photographer 

Some parents and their teens do not meet with the photographer until it is time for the portrait session. This could prove to be a big mistake because not all photographers are alike. Each photographer has his or her own style and techniques for capturing images.  

You need a photographer who is capable of capturing your teen's personality. Talking to him or her before the session will give you and your teen a chance to talk about what you want from the images. It also gives the photographer an idea of what type of settings and props would work for the session.  

Avoid Unnatural Poses and Facial Expressions 

Due to the importance of senior portraits, a lot of young people show up for their sessions full of nerves. Despite the photographer's best efforts, a teen's nervousness can sometimes show in the final product. Therefore, it is important that your teen try to avoid stiff and unnatural poses and facial expressions.  

Before the session, it is okay for your teen to practice his or her poses. Talk to the photographer about fun poses your teen can do to be more relaxed. For instance, if he or she plays soccer, posing with a ball and doing an action shot is not only different than the traditional pose, but it will help your teen appear to be more relaxed.  

Look for a Photographer With Flexibility 

One of the issues that could lead to bad pictures is that your teen was just not in the mood for the session. Senior year can be a stressful experience and if your teen had a particularly rough day before the session, it can be hard to get in the mood for the session. Unfortunately, the strain can show through to your teen's pictures.  

Some photographers are aware of this and are willing to reschedule for a different time. Ask about flexibility before booking the session. If the photographer is willing to reschedule, keep in mind that he or she likely has a relatively full schedule because of the season. The session could be delayed for longer than you want, but your teen will likely be more prepared.

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