4 Ways That Busy Parents Can Create Family Unity

6 April 2018
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If you're like many modern parents, you sometimes worry that you're not doing all you can to cultivate a sense of family unity among yourself, your spouse, and your children. Today's fast pace of life can make it difficult for families to feel connected, but fortunately, strategies exist that can make it easier for parents to create a sense of unity and belonging. Following are just four of the many things you can do to help achieve this. 

1. Adopt a Family Cause 

A family cause can be anything from donating time on a regular basis as a family to a local animal shelter, regular involvement in community projects such as those offered by Habitat for Humanity, or doing regular volunteer work at your local library, art museum, or community theater. Whatever you choose, it should ideally reflect your shared values as a family. For instance, if you're outdoor enthusiasts, you'll be able to find plenty of volunteer opportunities with your state or city parks department. 

2. Have Your Children's Portraits Taken 

Having professional portraits taken of your children at various times of their lives makes them feel like valued members of the family, particularly when those portraits are prominently displayed in your home and office. Along with individual portraits of each child, having regular family portraits taken underscores the uniqueness of your family and helps create a strong sense of belonging in your children. 

3. Create Family Traditions

Creating family traditions is another great way to cultivate feelings of family unity. These traditions can revolve around holidays and birthdays -- for instance, if one of your children loves a certain restaurant in your neighborhood, always make a point of holding that child's birthday celebrations there. Traditions should just be specific to special occasions, however -- scheduling designated family movie nights or Saturday morning hikes are another way to build stronger family bonds. 

4. Eat Dinner Together

Although it is not always possible for members of busy families to all be in the same place for the evening meal, you should strive to make this happen more often than not. If your children are constantly missing scheduled dinner times because of extra-curricular activities, it might be time to scale some of these activities back to leave more room for family time. Meals should also be device-free occasions where everyone turns off their phones and tablets and concentrates on conversation with one another. 

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