Try To Test Out A Photo Booth Setup Before Booking It For Your Wedding

29 May 2018
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If you and your soon-to-be spouse are thinking about the attractions that you want to have at your wedding reception, one idea that might come to mind is a photo booth. Wedding photo booths are increasingly common at weddings, giving guests a chance to dress up with some props and make some fun poses — and then share the images on social media. Should you want to move forward with a wedding photo booth, it's a good idea to seek out a couple of rental companies so that you can visit them and test out the booth. Here are some details to assess. 

Variety Of Props

Often, the props add a significant amount of attraction to a wedding photo booth. Someone who might not be overly inclined to pose for a photo may feel an attraction to do so because of the props that are available. You and your significant other should assess the variety of props thoroughly, and then consider how they'll suit those who will be attending your wedding. Generally, it's ideal if there are props that men and women, adults and children can all enjoy using and that there are enough to go around so people can get ready with their props while others are still using the photo booth.

The Fun Factor

As you and your significant other spend a few minutes in the photo booth, be cognizant of how much fun you're having. Are you excited to see how the photos turn out? Are you having lots of belly laughs as you look at each other making poses? Some wedding photo booths can be more fun than others, and you always want to give the guests who are turning up to celebrate you the best time possible. For example, some wedding photo booths have vibrant backgrounds that your guests will love.

Attitude Of Staff

A wedding should be an upbeat affair, especially when it's time for the fun and activities of the reception. As you visit different party rental companies to check out the photo booths, assess the attitude of the staff. Generally, a wedding photo booth will be staffed by one or more people, and you want them to be friendly, enthusiastic, and possess other qualities that will enhance the photo booth experience for you and your guests during your big day.

Once you've found a booth and a company that meet these needs, you can move forward with booking it.