Important Camera-Related Details To Go Over In Your Pre-Flight Check

25 July 2018
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Going over a number of details before you fly your drone will dramatically reduce the likelihood of you encountering any unfortunate events. When you inspect the drone before you fly, you'll be looking at things such as its battery life, any loose parts around the propellers, and other such details.

Don't forget to also go over the camera, as this device may be the chief reason that you're flying in the first place. There are several things to check regarding the camera, and once you've confirmed that all is as it should be, you'll be ready to take to the skies.

SD Card Capacity

You should always confirm several details related to the SD card inside the camera. For starters, make sure that there is indeed a card in the camera. It's easy to forget to put it back in after removing it to transfer its contents. Additionally, you should check its capacity. Generally, larger-capacity SD cards are a better bet, as you'll have more space for your images and video clips. Check to see what size of SD card is currently loaded into the camera, and then consider replacing it with a larger capacity card. Additionally, you should check that any size of card is empty or mostly empty, rather than close to being full.

Lens Cap

It might sound simple, but remembering to remove the lens cap is something that is easy to forget. If you've ever used an SLR camera, the chance that you've raised the camera to your eye to take a photo, only to realize that the lens cap was still on, is high. This is an easy mistake to make if you're in the habit of keeping the lens cap in place. You don't want your drone to be high in the air when you realize that the lens cap is still on, as this will require you to land to remove it.

Lens Cleanliness

You should also check the cleanliness of the lens. Perhaps you last flew in wet conditions; this could mean that there are dried water droplet marks on the lens. Or, maybe you accidentally smudged the glass with your finger when you were making an adjustment to the drone. A dirty lens can hinder the quality of your footage, which can be a real letdown when you review it. If you notice that the lens is dirty, you can simply clean it with a cleaning kit before you take off.

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