Hire A Family Photographer Around Halloween To Capture The Spooky Fun

21 March 2019
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It's common for families to snap smartphone pictures at Halloween, but if this annual day is a big one for you and your children, you might want to think about documenting the occasion in a better way. Hiring a professional photographer who specializes in taking family photos — and doing so annually, especially when your children are young — can be a fun way to celebrate Halloween. As your children age, you'll appreciate the high-quality images of them in their costumes. Here are some ways to approach this type of photo shoot.

Choose A Costume Theme

Although there's nothing wrong with each family member dressing in his or her own preferred type of costume, it can be fun if you think of a costume theme each year as a family. Upon choosing the theme, each of your family members can dress up in an appropriate costume for the photo shoot. For example, if your family loves football, having the father and son dress as players and having the mother and daughter dress as cheerleaders can be fun. Or, for something spookier, having everyone dress as zombies can be an exciting idea.

Select A Location

You don't necessarily want to go to considerable lengths to get dressed in your costumes and then simply have the photographer shoot your family portraits in your living room. Try to think of a suitable location that will work with your costume ideas, and then arrange to meet the photographer there on the day of your shoot. For the football idea, using a high school football field on the weekend makes sense. For the zombie idea, going to a local cemetery — making sure that there's no funeral taking place at the time, of course — can provide the right backdrop.

Pose In Fun Ways

The manner in which your family members pose can make a big difference in the overall impact of your family photo. Think of some creative ways to pose, rather than just standing in a group with your arms around each other like a traditional family photo. Even in a short photo session, your photographer can shoot a variety of poses if you take the time in advance to think about them. In the football costumes, having the players run together with one holding the ball while the cheerleaders jump in the background will work well. For the zombie idea, having each family member approaching the camera in a spooky way has an impact.

For more ideas, contact a lifestyle family photographer in your area.