Want Amazing Wedding Photos? Analyze Photographer Portfolios Carefully

11 February 2021
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Once you reach a point in your wedding planning that you are ready to hire a photographer, you should take your time to be thorough with this process. Finding the right professional will make an enormous difference in how you feel about the wedding and how much you like the photos.

While you can get high-quality photos from many photographers, you will find it worth analyzing portfolios extensively to guide you into hiring the right person for your wants and needs.


Looking at the locations where photos are taken can give you valuable information about the kind of photos that you can expect to get with your wedding photo collection.

If you want to get married in a forest or on the beach, you should look for these photos as they will provide you with the greatest examples. When you are only able to find a handful of photos that are similar to your venue's location, but you like what you see, you should not hesitate to get into contact with a wedding photographer to see if they can show you other similar photos.

Time of Day

While looking at portfolios, you should pay attention to the time of day for all the photos. If your ceremony and reception are going to happen in the afternoon or evening, you may want to feel confident that your photographer can take excellent photos with little to no natural lighting.

Even if you are going to get married indoors, you may notice that a lot of the photos still have a ton of natural lighting from the doors and windows being open. As time passes during your wedding, you may need your photographer to take photos without any natural light at all.

If you cannot figure out which photos do not utilize any natural lighting, you can ask a professional to show you them so that you can make a better judgment of their portfolio.

Planned Shots

Creating a list of planned shots before you hire a photographer for your wedding is a worthwhile strategy because you can look for these photos in portfolios. For instance, you may know that you are going to be having a large wedding and that you want some photos to include dozens of guests. This means that you should find portfolio photos with this number of people.

With a thorough portfolio analysis, you can hire an incredible photographer for your wedding.

For more information, reach out to a wedding photographer in your area.