4 Tips For Teenager Headshot Photography

18 August 2021
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Whether you're building an online presence, looking for jobs, or starting a career in the arts, a professional headshot can make a big difference. If you're a teen, the headshot photography you take could make a big impact on your future. Teens have a lot of differences from adults. Follow some tips specifically catered towards teens and ways to create a successful headshot.

1. Facial Blemishes

Hormonal changes and growth through the teenage years could lead to many forms of facial blemishes. You may have acne, pimples, or razor nicks. Do not stress about the blemishes when heading into a photo session. A professional photographer knows ways to clean up the blemishes digitally and soften the appearance of the skin.

If you pick, scrub, or attempt to remove blemishes, then you could make the problem worse. You do not want an area around a pimple to turn red or bruise from too much squeezing. Try not to manipulate your face. A portrait photographer knows how to handle situations and will create headshots without any major distractions or blemishes.

2. Clothing Labels

When you pose for headshots, chances are the photos may feature the upper half of the shirt you wear. Ideally, you want to wear plain or patterned clothes without any labels or company names. Text can become a distraction in the photo. The text will also age a photo, especially as trends come and go. Keep it simple to get the most value out of your headshot.

3. Annual Headshots

Teenagers go through a lot of changes. If you need to use headshots often, then you should consider annual pictures. While an adult could use the same headshot for five years or more, an annual headshot is the best representation of yourself. You may go through changes in your face or even little details.

For example, one year you may have braces and the next year the braces are removed. Book your appointments ahead of time and keep your headshot completely up to date.

4. Order Prints

While teens do many things digitally these days, you should always consider having some print copies of your headshot. You never know when a print copy will come in handy as you meet people in person or have to send potential applications through the mail.

When you book a session with a professional photographer, inquire about printing options. When a photographer prints your photos, they can work on details like proper color balance and brightness to ensure the photos come out with the best quality.

Follow all of the tips to get the most out of your headshot portrait experience. For more information, contact a local photography company, like Ian Alexander photography.