4 Benefits of Converting VHS to Digital Files

7 October 2021
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If you or your family were a big fan of using the old-school camcorders that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s to take VHS tapes of special events and occasions in your life, you are going to want to protect those memories. One of the best ways to protect all that footage you captured with VHS tapes is by converting them to digital formats. There are many benefits you will enjoy by converting your VHS tapes to digital formats.

Benefit #1: Save Space

VHS tapes are big and bulky, and they require a fair amount of space to continue to save them. If you are short on space or just no longer want to dedicate so much square footage to savings old VHS tapes, converting your tapes into digital files will allow you to open up a lot of space. Your VHS tapes can be converted into digital files, stored on a USB thumb drive, external hard drive, or CDs. You will take up a fraction of the space you did before when converting your VHS tapes to digital files.

Benefit #2: Easy to Share

VHS tapes were used to capture family memories. If everyone in the family would like access to those memories, it is much easier to share digital files than share VHS tapes. You can simply email the files to your other family members or provide them with their own thumb drive. It is much easier to ensure that everyone has their own copy of all of your old home movies with digital files.

Benefit #3: Easier Viewing

To view your VHS tapes, you need to have a VCR around that you can hook up to a television set to watch your old tapes. When you convert them to digital files, you open up your options for watching your old movies and memories. You can watch the files on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can play them on your DVD player and watch them on your television. You will be able to view your files on just about any device that reads digital files, which allows for easier viewing and easier access for viewing. You no longer have to dig out the old VCR to watch your old memories.

Benefit #4: Longevity

With a VHS tape, you are wearing down the film that the memories were captured on each time you watch it. Over time, the tape may wear down so much it will no longer be usable. VHS tapes can also experience warping, mold, and heat damage that can degrade the original files. You do not have the same issue with digital files. They do not degrade in the same manner, and you can easily make multiple back-ups of your digital files so that your memories are always safe.

If you have a stack of old VHS tapes filed with memories, work with a VHS tape conversion service. Contact these services to learn more.