Four Tips On Getting The Best Experience With Your Wedding Photographer

24 January 2022
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Once you've found the photographer you'd like to capture your wedding, it's important to talk details. Keeping your photographer in the know about your schedule, talking about what you like, and making sure they know the venue well in advance will help you get the very best pictures of your big day.

Talk Likes and Dislikes

Before the big day, it's important to communicate what about your photographer drew you to them. For example, if your photographer shoots in a variety of styles or if there's something in particular you liked about individual photos in their gallery, tell your photographer this so they know what to try to replicate for you. Alternatively, if there's something you appreciate about something you've seen elsewhere, now is the time to bring it up and ask if they can do what you like. Bringing this up ahead of time, especially along with information about your timeline and venues, will help them best prepare for you.

Communicate a Timeline

One of the most important things for your photographer to know is your timeline. These can get very precise, and many photographers will have questionnaires and information sheets you can fill out for just this purpose. Letting them know things like when and where the ceremony is, when and where you and your partner will be getting ready, and other details is vital so your photographer knows where to be at all times. A good timeline will list the times and locations of all major events throughout the day, along with any other important things you might want individually, such as a photo session with family members.

Discuss Focus and Ideas

Along with photography styles, it helps your photographer know what they should and should not be focusing on. For example, if you want to get specific poses from certain angles during the ceremony, communicate this well in advance as you'll only have one chance. Similarly, if there are things you don't want to be photographed as much, such as certain people or decorations, explain this as well. The more time your photographer has dedicated to things you want, the better variety and better quality of shots you'll get.

Go Over Venue Rules

Many venues have rules about how many people are allowed inside, dress codes, flash photography, and other things that can limit or alter what your photographer can do. Venues that commonly do weddings will sometimes have a list of rules for photographers, so ask ahead of time. It can also help to bring your photographer along to the venue itself before the big day so they can see it for themselves and understand how they will need to work around the location and its rules and considerations. This will be when they'll be able to tell you if the restrictions clash with any of your ideal shots and what you might be able to do instead.

Reach out to a local wedding photographer to get more tips.