Fun Ways to Display Your Vacation Souvenirs

31 August 2016
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People often collect an array of souvenirs from their vacations. Everything from photos and postcards to grains of beach sand and ticket stubs from your favorite attractions can be saved as a reminder of the wonderful time you had. But, what do you do with the items you've collected when you get home? Don't shove your precious souvenirs in a box. Display them proudly in your house as a constant reminder of your travels. Read More 

How To Get A Classroom Interested In National Parks

31 July 2016
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As you teach your students about nature and the environment, one excellent resource that your school should take advantage of are nearby national parks. Not only are national parks great teaching moments, especially when you take your students on a field trip, but it is also a great public service to cultivate interest in national parks at an early age so your students will have a desire to protect them. Read More 

Photography And Child Development: What You Need To Know

14 July 2016
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Snapping a picture of your child running through the park, climbing up a ladder on the playground or peacefully painting a picture seems simple. But, what about posing a preschooler or asking a toddler to sit and smile? Understanding the young child's development can help make portrait photography much easier on the photographer and parent alike. Whether you're taking the picture of your own child or you're a pro at your own studio, these developmental milestones can make your session more of a fun (and, not frustrating) time. Read More 

Tips For Photographing The Best Smiles

23 February 2016
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Great smiles are an essential part of portrait photography: they can instantly transform a so-so photo into a dynamic and engaging one. As a photographer, it's your job to capture these smiles in a natural and engaging way. How do you do that? By following these simple tips. Avoiding Teeth "Flash Glare" One of the toughest parts about capturing a great smile is the possibility of flash glare. A great smile will create a white reflective surface that may cause a serious glare in the middle of your photo. Read More